You can handle quite good fly a depower snow kite, now it the time to start to snow kiting with the skis or snowboard!

We make practice area ready and warm up muscles. After test fly a depower snow kite we are ready to start learn how to start to snow kiting, glide with skis or snowboard and chancing direction, all powered with a depower snow kite. We make also some exercises to fall and get up! All exercises will be hod in a small practice area.

The aim of the course is to learn the necessary skills to be independent for snow kiting and therefore give you a good possibilities to join us to our guided snow kite treks.

Season: 15.1.2017-30.3.2017

Lessons contains: Safety instructions for snow kiting. Start , holding pressure with edges of ski/snowboard, reach a standstill and crash training. Holding the direction, power stroke and turnings. Controlled setting down the kite and secure, packing a snow kite.

Duration: 3 hours

Participants: 1-6 person,we can also make an offer for more people, just ask from our sales !

Price: 160€/person, include V.A.T

Payment: Visa, Visa Electron, MasterCard,  common debit Cards and cash.

Lessons include: Rentals from depower snow kites, harness,helmets and ice picks. Carefully instructions and instructor on site.

Additional services (chargeable): Possible to grill sausages on open fire or lunch buffet at Messilä Camping/ Ravintola Lokki