Depower snowkite has good force, it is easy to learn to adjust this.
Training with us give you good skills to handle kite power.
After this training you are close to start snowkiting with skis or snowboards!

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We make you familiar with set up depower snowkites, take a look for equipment, choose safe training place and make you sure with safety instructions.
First fly a powerkite gives you easy access to fly a depower snowkites, now ”kitefeeling” will take you with !
The aim of the course is to learn the necessary skills to be independent for a fly  depower snowkite.

Season: 15.1.2017-30.3.2017

Lessons contains:

* Safety instructions for fly a depower snowkite.
* Fly a powerkite, emergency release training
* Set up a depower snowkite for fly and anchorage, safety equipment
* Fly a depower snowkite, wind window, power stroke, safety training, emergency release training and self unloading the workout.

Duration : 3 hours

Participants : 1-6 Person

Price: 160€ / person, include V.A.T

Lessons include:
Rentals from depower snowkites, harness,helmets and ice picks. Carefully instructions and instructor on site.

Additional services (chargeable):
Possibilities to grill sausages on open fire
or lunch buffet at Messilä Camping/ Ravintola Lokki

Notes for Participants – important
You dont need to bring skis or snowboard
* wear weatherproof clothing, especially windproof, and bring sturdy and warm boots with you.
* You are welcome to bring a day bag on the ice! A thermos with hot tea/coffee will come in handy.
* Although we are in the winter, you will need to protect yourself from the the sun. Bring a hat, sunscreen, and sunglasses/goggles if you are sensitive to the glare.
* Kitetirri takes no responsibility for lost or damaged goods so we encourage you not to bring valuables.
* While we take all possible precautions to avoid injury, every active sport has the potential for physical harm. Please ensure you have proper health insurance coverage before participating in our classes.